Saturday, September 25, 2010

Inspiration is FuckinG Overrated

Weeds on walls are back. With a rant at hand.

Watcha gonna read is a response to a friend of mine whos going through a funk period, artistic block, slump. Do you have more synonyms to share?

Inspiration is nothing, its the single most overrated thing in art followed closely by talent.Inspiration is a puny ass biatch, pay no heed to it, if inspiration goes all"fuck you ****** I am not coming to you" then say "fuck you back, inspiration, I dont need you, I got plain old workmanship to help me deal with shit, atleast workmanship isnt unfaithful like you", then you go about painting, you may paint absolute drivel, regurgitate shyt from all over, be boring, but it will get inspiration all insecure and shyt and make it come back to you.

Write shit down, doesnt matter if tis the grocery list, draw shit down, doesnt matter if you just drew a map for your imaginary friend to elf land.

The thing about inspiration is that it follows workmanship almost everywhere, it may stray and not follow workmanship(it happens when you just get inspired just looking the ceiling and shyt) but thats rare.
If the great artist were to have depended solely on inspiration, they would have had made 10 paintings in their lifetime, and even those paintings would ahve sucked because of the lack of workmanship.
Even workmanship leaves you after a while saying" fuck you man, I am outta here, get over that inspiration bitch already, this is getting retarded".

Let go.

end of rant.