Sunday, January 3, 2010


So My First post started as if you just open a journal and come across a random page. Hence, this post about what the blog is about. I am Bhanu Pratap , a comc book creator(Writer-artist) , easel painter and illustrator. I love reading and writing about art, discovering new artists and art movements. I also love understanding the underlying structure of what one may call good art. But this blog, its a rather different exercise from all this, easily said the blog is just 'me thinking out loud' and my conversations with folks around about things that affect us, directly and indirectly. I hope to make this seem less like a tirade .
I hope I can echo some points in the netsphere which concern/bother me.
I also want to exact some response other than the banal from the reader, reaction is what sets the ball roling, doesnt it?